Virtual Figure Drawing Studio (Male)

Virtual Figure Drawing Studio (Male) 1.07

Virtual Figure Drawing Model

Virtual Figure Drawing Studio (Male) is a software application that helps you pick up speed learning how to draw the male human figure. This software works as a substitute for figure models in art studios.

You can create different poses and select different camera angles as options for figure drawing. With this tool, you just select a pose, lock the camera to the desired angle and start sketching.

Virtual Figure Drawing Studio (Male) cuts the expenses of having to take up classes in art studios and hire models because you have a model in your own home and can start drawing anytime.

This program has different visualizing options to understand the human form and eventually draw foreshortened figures. The different views included are basic building blocks, see through model 2D sketch and simplified skeleton view which allows you to create a figure sketch step by step.

Other features of the product include camera orbit and zoom, lighting adjustments, model viewing modes, sketched outlines, color adjustments, background colors and more.

Virtual Figure Drawing Studio (Male) also comes with 50 free sketching and illustration tips from professionals and renowned sketch artists. Overall, this is a helpful tool if you want to learn sketching and figure drawing for pleasure or as a profession.

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Virtual Figure Drawing Studio (Male)


Virtual Figure Drawing Studio (Male) 1.07